Safe Storage

What’s Safe

Prescription medication is secured from the time it leaves the manufacturer until the time it’s dispensed at a pharmacy. At that point it becomes our responsibility to safely store medication at home.


  • Lock it up. In a drawer or a cabinet that can be locked, or a lock box that is our of reach of children and guests
  • Monitor your medicine. Know how much you’ve used, how much remains, and keep a list of all the medications in the house. If some of your medication is missing, you’ll know right away.
  • Make sure other family members are securing their medicine before your kids visit them.


  • Make sure visitors keep their medicine out of sight.

  • Store medication as directed. Usually that means a cool dry place, not a kitchen or bathroom   where things can get hot and humid. But sometimes they need to be refrigerated. Ask your  pharmacist if you’re unsure.

  • Always use the original container the medicine came in. Make sure the label remains attached and  all child-resistant caps are secured.

  • Do not combine medications into one bottle.